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Headteacher -

Mr M Thomas

Lubbins Park Primary Academy

The Teaching of Maths and Science


Maths Spring Term One

This half term, a variety of Maths topics have been learnt across the school. KS1 have been focussing on number and operations.  Year 2 have even incorporated money into their learning, which is an essential life skill. Lower KS2 have been focussing on place value and the four operations. Year 3 have used their multiplication and division knowledge to help them understand fractions. Upper KS2 have been learning a range of mathematical topics from Fractions and Decimals in Year 5 to measurement and algebra in Year 6.

Science Spring Term One

This half term, Living things has been the main Science topic across the school. Year 1, 3 and 5 have been learning about plants. Year 1 have been identifying, naming and describing different plants. Year 3 have gone one step further and have been describing the functions of plants including the requirements for growth, transportation of water and the life cycle. Following on from that, Year 5 have then described and compared the reproduction and life cycle of plants and animals. Year 2 and 6 have been learning about animals and humans. Year 2 have been identifying, naming and comparing different animal’s habitats. Year 6 have been identifying, naming and describing parts of the human circulatory system and recognising the impact of diet, exercise and drugs on the body. Focussing on a completely different area of Science, Year 4 have been identifying how sounds are made, recognising vibrations and finding patterns between pitch, volume and sound.