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Lubbins Park Primary Academy

The Teaching of Technologies


Technologies Spring Term One

There have been various technology activities over the past half term at Lubbins Park. Year 2 began their term weaving paper baskets and what a wonderful collection they made! Year 3 used paper to make bridges and Year 4 have baked Romanian apple cake.

 An exciting addition to the school has been the arrival of Google Chrome Books. Key stage 1 and 2 classes have had an opportunity to use the Chrome Books in lessons this term and the children have learnt about the importance of passwords, how to create a password and keeping it safe. The Chrome Books are used across the school in a variety of lessons as well as for homework club and Times Table Rockstars.

Technologies Spring Term Two 

There have been various exciting technology activities this half term. Across the school, the chrome books have been widely used and the children are becoming more familiar with working collaboratively online. Year 4 had the opportunity to work on a presentation for their sewing project and involved the group working on their own laptops but editing and creating a PowerPoint as a group.  The school also had a visit from The 2 Johns who spoke to the children and parents about internet safety. There was lots of valuable information around popular apps and the dangers of ‘Stranger Danger Online’. For more information, you can visit their website on:  

Across the school there have been some exciting Design and Technology lessons. Year 3 made Greek sandals as part of their topic; Year 4 had to design a teacher’s tool belt and learnt sewing, and Year 5 designed their own air raid shelter from a shoe box. Key Stage 1 had a royal theme to their technology lessons and made king and queen puppets and crowns! Lots of wonderful designs and creativity across all the classes. Well done everyone!