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Mr M Thomas

Lubbins Park Primary Academy

Engaged Resilient Enthusiastic Reflective Independent

Our School Vision

Lubbins Park Primary Academy is a one form entry primary school with a Nursery that feeds into the school. It serves children from the age of 3-11.

Within the building there are eight spacious classrooms, with interactive whiteboards, which surround the central hall. This is of ample size and is used for assemblies, physical education and at lunchtime.

The grounds are also extensive and house games pitches for football. Two large hard play areas; one for Key Stage 1 and the other for Key Stage 2 are equipped with a trim trail to develop balance and agility and basketball hoops for team games.

The outdoor learning environment for Nursery and Reception children is both exciting and stimulating and accommodates their learning needs by ensuring that all areas of the curriculum are met. There are markings for trikes and bikes to develop gross motor skills along with a playground to develop the muscles needed to hold a pencil and write. Imaginative play is enabled in den building and role play areas whilst the story chair encourages a place for quiet reflection.

Everyone at Lubbins Park Primary Academy shares a commitment to effective teaching and learning based on a well-planned and structured curriculum. There is a strong belief that children should become independent learners within well-organised primary classrooms, and that learning should be purposeful and matched to developing individual children's abilities. We believe that every child is entitled to an education of the highest standard that will enable them to fulfil their individual potential.

We want children to be able to think critically and creatively, know how to tackle problems and challenges, and work collaboratively within a team. They should be able to evaluate their own and others’ work with sensitivity, developing an awareness of strengths and weaknesses. We are proud that our children are highly motivated and eager to learn, as well as being sensitive to the needs of others. We are committed to equipping the children with skills which will benefit them for both now and in future learning. For this reason they are taught to develop the following values:

  • Engaged – Our children are given the tools to ensure that they will become life-long learners. Each individual lesson contains the key elements needed to make learning relevant, challenging and exciting. The children are required to exercise degrees of attention, curiosity, interest, optimism and passion.
  • Resilient – Children thrive in a calm and safe environment which promotes challenging learning experiences. Our children are supported to learn from their mistakes which in turn facilitates resilience and perseverance; attributes that will provide them with strength for the future.
  • Enthusiastic – Teachers are enthusiastic about the subjects that they teach and act as models for the children. We believe that children who demonstrate intense enjoyment and enthusiasm will have a deeper engagement with learning. 
  • Reflective – Our children are encouraged to be reflective by examining and exploring issues within their learning to give them clarity and meaning. This is consistent with the learning in assemblies where issues addressed demand reflection and consideration enabling the children to develop a sense and understanding of themselves.
  • Independent – Children at Lubbins Park Primary Academy are given the opportunity to develop independence and responsibility in their roles across the school and the local community. Our Play Leaders, School Councillors, House Captains and the Head Boy and Head Girl enable the development of these skills and of those around them. The children are also taught how to be independent in their learning with the use of established routines in classrooms.

We believe that the partnership between teachers and parents is critical to successful outcomes for our children. We appreciate and respect differences of ability and culture and we are committed to providing the appropriate support for integrating children with special needs.

Teachers work as part of a team and see their class as part of the whole school community, sharing their own particular interests and often giving freely of their time. Their work is underpinned by a whole school commitment to improving the quality of teaching and learning, and to raising levels of achievement.