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Mr M Thomas

Lubbins Park Primary Academy

Engaged Resilient Enthusiastic Reflective Independent


Dear Parents

We are very pleased that you are thinking of choosing us as your child’s school, or that you have already chosen us. We want to make you feel welcome, to help your child to settle quickly and for the learning experience to be fun and exciting, as well as providing a firm basis for learning in the future, and we aim to do all of those things. We continue to work hard to provide the very best education and care for our children.

There is always so much to take in when looking at or starting a new school, so we hope you will keep this safe to remind you of things that happen in school. We hope this will help and support you during your child’s time with us, but please also look out for:


  • Regular Newsletters
  • Curriculum Newsletters that will tell you what we are learning about each half term
  • Topic Webs that will give you ideas for activities to do at home to support your child’s learning
  • The website that will have useful information for you to keep you up to date
  • Text messages from us with the latest news and information

If there is ever anything you would like to know, have a concern about or if you just want to mention something your child has enjoyed, please do let us know. You can call in, ring us or email us!

We look forward to sharing your child’s first steps or next steps in education with you and working together to make the experience enjoyable and memorable for all of you. We are committed to providing an excellent educational experience for all children in our school and working with you to ensure that happens.

We work with several other Canvey schools too, giving advice and support with their school development and any issues they may have. Our staff have been carefully selected for this role due to their talents and expertise. This keeps our staff up to date with current thinking and practice and allows us to share the things we do well with other schools.

Please look at and complete the OFSTED ‘Parent View’ website once your child is an established part of our school. We receive a great deal of positive feedback, but we would appreciate it being shared on this site. You can only complete the survey once a year. It is not a service for complaints, we would rather deal with any concerns you have in person, but we do hope if you have a positive experience you will take a few minutes to fill it in once your child is a pupil here. Also worth visiting is the OFSTED School Data Dashboard which shows you the performance of any school in the country in comparison with other schools, and their progress over the past 3 years. Both of these can be accessed by visiting

We look forward to working with you and your child in our school.

Mr M Thomas

Acting Head of Academy

Staffing Structure 2017-2018


Teaching Staff

Mr M Thomas

Acting Headteacher

Mrs Samantha Murrell

Deputy Headteacher and Year Six Teacher

Mrs Juliet Sexton

Assistant Headteacher and Reception Teacher

Mrs Sally Eady


Miss Leigh Triggs

Year One Teacher

Miss Abbey Worton

Year Two Teacher

Miss Katrina Gent

Year Three Teacher

Mrs Carlee Field

Year Four Teacher

Mr Chris Little

Year Five Teacher

Mrs Nathalie Smith


Mr Frith

Short Course Teacher and 1:1 Tutor


Nursery Nurses, Learning Support Assistants and Family Worker

Main Year Group



Mrs Tina Goode


Miss Lauren Best

Year One

Mrs Alison Sullivan

Year One

Mrs Tina Hamblin

Year Two

Mrs Nicky Thomas

Year Two

Mrs Laura Dickson

Year Three

Miss Micheala Bannon


Miss Kellie Cory


Mrs Lisa Butler

Attendance Officer and Family Worker

Mrs Jackie Davenport





Mrs Jean Allman

Office Manager

Mrs Jenny Tomkins

Clerical Assistant/Receptionist


Caretaking and Cleaning



Mrs Maureen Nunn


Mr Michael Darby                                                                                     Site Manager


Midday Supervisors and Kitchen Staff



Mrs Karen Green

Cook in charge

Mrs Kellie Hughes

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Luisa Castellana

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Maureen Nunn

Senior Midday Assistant

Mrs Tina Hale, Mrs Nichola Owen, Mrs Amanda Petty, Miss Amy Hill, Mrs Danielle Blake

Midday Assistants




Breakfast and After School Club

Breakfast and After School Club Co-ordinator

Miss Kellie Cory

Breakfast Club

Mrs Tina Hamblin

After School Club

Miss Michaela Bannon

 After School Club

 Mrs Danielle Blake


School Statement

Aims and Values of the School

  • We will ensure that all children have opportunities for success, and are supported so they can reach their full potential. We will differentiate tasks for all children to provide them with attainable goals.
  • We will provide each child with a broad and balanced curriculum, which meets their needs and the requirements of the National Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • We will ensure we support the children’s well being
  • We will celebrate the success of all of our children in equal measure.
  • We will provide an environment where everyone is equally valued and feels a sense of belonging.
  • We will encourage our children to develop personal independence and to respect the rights and views of others.
  • We will work hard to develop and enhance our home/school relationships in order to form a positive partnership between the school and home for the mutual benefit of the children, their families and the school staff.
  • We will ensure we fulfil our commitments relating to the ‘Home/School Agreement’ and support parents to fulfil their expectations in relation to it also.
  • We will develop and strengthen our community links and involve the local community in school life whenever possible.
  • We will aim for the highest possible standards of work and behaviour from all in our school, and ensure that all children achieve to the best of their ability.
  • We will be consistent in our values and expectations.
  • We will celebrate the successes of all our children.
  • We will plan and use the school’s resources realistically and efficiently to ensure value for money


School Security

We know the security of your children is important to you – it is to us too! We have what we consider to be a sensible approach to school security, which retains the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the school. Access to the school is controlled by a security door, which is released by a switch in the office or staff’s security swipe fobs. Children arriving at school after 9am and all visitors to the school enter through the security door. All people needing access to the school sign in to a visitors’ book. They are given a ‘temporary visitor’ badge, which must be worn at all times whilst on the school premises.

The children come into the school through the pupil entrance, except those in the Reception and Nursery classes who enter via the Reception classroom door and Nursery doors. The children say goodbye to parents at the gate, after the first few weeks, and come into school alone to encourage their independence and to ensure the school day can start promptly. This also means that the children settle down quickly every day as well as enhancing the school security. Please support your child with this by being positive and saying goodbye with a smile when the time comes!

The Head, Deputy or Assistant Head and Family worker are available every morning at the pupil entrances between 8.40 and 9 a.m. if you need to speak to them. They will pass on any messages to teachers for you regarding your child. We are always happy to listen to concerns or comments and ensure that any concerns are dealt with quickly. The class teachers wait in the classrooms for the children to arrive from 8.40 a.m. so are not available in the mornings, but would be happy to call you during the day if there was a need or see you after school.


Home/School Links

 The school sets out to work in partnership with parents by involving them in their children’s education and the social life of the school. We work hard to forge and nurture our links with parents and are proactive in seeking parents’ views as well as keeping you informed. Generally, parents value their children’s enthusiasm for school, the way the school is managed and the way good teaching and high expectations help their child to make good progress.

A meeting is held in the summer term for parents of the new reception intake to welcome them to the school and introduce them to the staff. At this time, we have a session for a parent and the child to come and join in with activities in their new class along with the opportunity to sample lunch. The meeting allows parents to meet members of the school community and ask any questions they may have.

All new children receive two copies of our home-school agreement on admission, one to keep, and one to sign and return to school. The home/school agreement states the commitment the school makes to the child and the family makes to the school. We aim to keep parents informed about all aspects of school life. Our links are based on a thorough two-way flow of information in which we work hard to maintain a mutually supportive partnership. Regular newsletters, quick response to parental concerns, improved access for parents through open afternoons, workshops, reports, family learning sessions and formal parents’ meetings give you a good idea of school life and how your child is getting on. We also use tapestry, an online learning journey that can be accessed at home with a secure password and you can contribute to. Details are on the website and are also sent home to parents.

Children will bring home learning activities home weekly. They will be ‘I can’ activities for your child to complete in whichever way inspires them the most. See your child’s home learning book for more details. Please support your child with these activities and send them back to school by the given date. We expect that every child will be heard to read daily for at least 10 minutes in reception which increases as the child gets older.

 Parent Consultation Evenings are organised in the autumn and spring terms and parents receive annual written reports about their child’s progress. We also send an autumn and spring term progress and attainment report home at parent consultations. Short course sharing Afternoons are held half termly which allow parents the chance to come into the children’s classrooms and look at their learning with them. Curriculum Information is sent home every term along with a topic map. This tells you what your child will be studying and how you can help at home, as well as having questions to ask explore with your child that relate to their learning for the following half term.. We also run parents’ curriculum workshops throughout the year. Regular Newsletters are sent home with the children and will tell you about school events and activities. Please check your child’s bag daily.

The Head, Deputy or Assistant Head are available at the pupil entrance each morning from 8.40 – 9 a.m. and teaching staff are in the playground after school if you have any questions or concerns. You are also welcome to ring the school to make an appointment to see them if you have a concern you would like to discuss in private. If it is urgent we will aim to see you or speak to you on the day you contact us. If you have any concerns or questions about your child, please do not hesitate to come and see your child’s teacher or the Headteacher.

Developing Confident Children

We place a very high priority on raising children’s confidence and building their independence and self-esteem. We do this in a variety of ways.

We encourage them to be independent from their first day at school, so it would be helpful if you could ensure that your child is able to dress and undress themselves before they join us. It is also useful if your child is able to use a knife and fork, be confident in using the toilet alone and recognise their own name. The children come into the school building independently in the mornings within the first few weeks and this enables the children to settle down quickly. This means we can start lessons promptly and build the children’s independence, which is very important. Sometimes a child may be a little reluctant to come in alone, but we promise that when mum or dad has gone, they settle very quickly! If they have been feeling a little under the weather, a discreet word, out of your child’s way, will ensure we keep an eye on them. We also have a daily ‘special person’ in each class. This child has special responsibilities for the day.


Behaviour and the Prevention of Bullying

 We are proud of our children and their behaviour. We have high standards and expectations of behaviour, both in and out of the classroom.

We encourage all of our children to take responsibility for their own behaviour. Our behaviour policy and prevention of bullying policy are regularly revised and copies are available if you would like to see one or view the website.

The children and staff in school follow the Golden Rules; these are displayed around the school and referred to regularly. The six rules are


Do be gentle                   Do be kind and helpful                              Do work hard

            Do look after property                      Do listen to people                              Do be honest


Following these rules means that all children in school can feel safe and secure. However, we do know that children can have disagreements from time to time, but these are dealt with correctly and efficiently.


School Reward Systems

 The school reward systems promote positive behaviour and runs throughout the school. Children receive a variety of rewards, from a sticker for instant praise, to being awarded star of the week. Headteacher rewards are also given out for exceptional reasons.

We have a behaviour management system in every class. Every child starts the day, and each lesson in the ‘learning zone.’ If they do not follow the rules, and are given appropriate reminders or warnings, they may be moved to the think zone, or time out zone or red zone. Good behaviour and following the rules means we the children can get back up to the learning zone. In every lesson children have the opportunity to become the ‘wow learner’ with the child achieving the most ‘wow learner’ stickers in a half term receiving a reward with the Headteacher. This system works really well with the children, and some parents even use this at home too.

Good attendance is also rewarded, individually and as a whole class. 100% attendance is rewarded termly with a certificate, with good attendance of 96% and above also being recognised.

We also have Lunchtime Stars in school. The MDAs nominate children for a variety of reasons including good behaviour, having good table manners and being polite and helpful. The children that have demonstrated the value of the week sit on the top table with a friend on a Friday.

Safeguarding and Child Protection

 The school is committed to promoting the health and welfare of all children and ensuring that they are safe at home and at school. School staff are trained to recognise signs of abuse, or potential abuse and strict procedures are in place to deal with such concerns. Therefore, parents should be aware that where there is a concern that a child may have been abused, or makes a disclosure which suggests they may have been harmed or are at risk of harm, all staff are required to report their concern immediately. We have no choice in this matter and although we have to pass concerns on, we are not making a judgement as to what has or has not happened. The designated safeguarding lead with responsibility for Child Protection is the Headteacher or the Deputy Headteacher or Assistant Headteacher in her absence. A copy of our safeguarding and child protection policy and other relevant information about this may be requested from the office or viewed on the website on our safeguarding tab which will give you further details.


Health and Welfare

 Children of this age will often have trips, falls and slips – accidents happen, but we have a large number of qualified staff to carry out first aid. Parents will be informed by telephone about severe bumps to the head or injuries causing concern. Any minor injuries are treated in school and an ‘injury slip’ sent home if necessary to inform you of the injury and the action we have taken. If your child has a head bump that is not serious, we will also text you to inform you. If we feel it necessary to seek external medical help every effort will be made to contact you first. Please ensure that you sign the section on the admissions form, which authorises us to seek medical help if necessary.

Please tell us if your child has a condition requiring regular medication, such as asthma. Relief medication, such as inhalers, are kept within the office for use when required. If your child has an inhaler in school please ensure that it is clearly labelled with their name and replaced regularly. It is most important that your child learns how to use their inhaler so please speak to your local surgery if you need support or to obtain a ‘spacer’ device, designed to be used by children of this age. Your surgery may provide you with inhalers and spacers to leave in school. We collect detailed information from you if your child suffers from asthma so we can meet their needs.

On hot days, please apply sun cream before your child comes to school. Most parents find that using a ‘once’ suncream that lasts up to 8-12 hours, before the child comes to school, is enough to protect them, and therefore you would not need to send in a suncream with your child. Please also send them with a sun hat in very hot weather.

If your child becomes unwell at school and needs to go home we use the contact numbers that you give us to ring you so please remember to tell us if you change any numbers. If children have sickness or diarrhoea they need to be clear for 48 hours before returning to school please in Nursery, Reception and Key Stage One and 24 hours in Key Stage Two. Please read the leaflet in your welcome pack or on the website about being ‘fit for school.’ If children are still taking medication after returning to school following an illness parents or a responsible adult nominated by the parent must fill in a form at the office giving us permission to administer it.

If children have a toileting ‘accident’ they are helped to change their clothing. You will be informed by a standard note or by the class teacher if they have received assistance with this.

The children in each class bring a sports type bottle of water to school each day to drink in the class. This is because scientific studies have shown that children perform better in school if they drink plenty of water and also suffer fewer difficulties, such as headaches, tiredness and irritability. Please note that only water should be sent for drinking in the classroom. Please send your child to school daily with a clear ‘sports type’ bottle of water clearly labelled with their name.


School Organisation

The school is well resourced and has excellent facilities that we update regularly. We have eight classes; Nursery, Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6. The teachers in each phase; Early Years, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two work closely together to plan for the children, ensuring they all have access to the same educational opportunities and experiences. We believe we have a very strong staff team who are committed to providing a really exciting and valuable school experience for your child and make full use of all our facilities inside and outdoors.

Our facilities for the children include a library, computing trolley, wildlife garden and extensive outdoor facilities. Subject leaders ensure we have up to date equipment to inspire and motivate the children and support their learning.

Children are eligible to join the Nursery in the term after their third birthday. Attending the Nursery gives the children an excellent start to school life, as they learn the routines of the school, and are able use the school facilities. Please ask for a details if you would like to apply for a Nursery place for your child. This is very popular and we are always oversubscribed. LA regulations mean we can only take 26 children.


Term Dates for 2017-2018



Autumn Term

First Day of Term

Wednesday 6th September 2017

Last Day of Half Term

Friday 20th October 2017

First Day of Half Term

Monday 30th October 2017

Last Day of Term

Wednesday 20th December 2017


Spring Term

First Day of Term

Wednesday 3rd January 2018

Last Day of Half Term

Friday 9th February 2018

First Day of Half Term

Monday 19th February 2018

Last Day of Term

Thursday 29th March 2018


Summer Term

First Day of Term

Monday 16th April 2018

Last Day of Half Term

Friday 25th May 2018

First Day of Half Term

Monday 4th June 2018

Last Day of Term

Friday 20th July 2018


The School Day


8:30am Office opens.

8:40am School opens for the children, the teachers wait in the classrooms for the children to arrive. Please note there is no playground supervision before or after school. Parents are responsible for their children at this time. Please do not allow them on the adventure playground area.

8:55am Registration opens. Children arriving after 9am are entered as being late and late arrivals are not acceptable and will be discussed with the Attendance Improvement Officer. If they arrive after 9.30 am they are recorded as having an unauthorised absence for the whole morning with the exception of children who arrive later due to a medical appointment. If you know your child will be late, please send in a letter or ring the office in advance. If your child arrives after 9am, please come to the office on arrival. The playground gate is locked at 8.55 a.m.

10:30am Break We are part of the ‘free fruit scheme’ which gives each child in EYFS and KS1 a piece of fresh fruit or vegetable each day for break. If you wish to supply your own snack, children may only bring fresh or dried fruit or cheese or raw vegetables to eat at break time in accordance with the school’s healthy eating policy. Nuts and nut products are not allowed in school.

10:45am Break finishes. The teachers collect the children from the playground.

 12:15/30 Lunchtime Menus for hot lunches are sent home termly. If your child wishes to have a hot lunch they can order it in the morning. All Infant School aged children are entitled to a free hot lunch. To access this you need to fill in the form provided.

1:15pm End of lunchtime. The staff collect the children from the playground.

1:20pm Registration

3:15pm End of school, children leave. Please wait for your child in the playground, the teachers will bring the children out and dismiss them when they see the adult who is there to collect them. This must be an adult who is recorded as having permission to collect your child. Please do not allow them to use the adventure playground or outdoor classroom after school and supervise them until you leave the premises. Scooters and bikes must not be ridden in the playground.

 4:00 pm Office closes.

Children who need to leave school during the day should be collected from the main entrance. Please ensure that you inform the teacher or the office if you will be collecting your child during the school day. We will ask you to sign a form when you collect your child during school hours. A medical or dental appointment slip must be filled in and stamped by the GP/hospital or dentist if children have an appointment in school hours. These are available from the office or on the website to print off. An official appointment letter is acceptable. If your child is due to be collected by somebody who does not usually collect them, please inform your child’s teacher or the school office. We will not let your child go without your prior permission. We keep a record of people that regularly collect your child and those who are not allowed to collect. The teachers have an ‘end of day’ book with this information in. Staff are generally available at the end of the day if you wish to see them. However on Wednesdays there is a staff meeting for all teachers. Some staff are also involved in meetings at other times during the week.


The School Uniform

The School promotes the wearing of school uniform at all times. It gives the children a sense of belonging and creates a sense of identity. We expect all children to wear uniform as we are all a part of the same school.

The school colours are grey, blue and yellow and should be worn as follows:

  • Grey skirts, pinafores or trousers
  • Blue/white dress or grey shorts (Summer)
  • White blouses/shirts, long or short sleeved or white Polo neck shirts (Reception only)
  • Blue pullover or cardigans (with school logo)
  • Blue and yellow tie (years 1-6)
  • Black school shoes – plain, no other colours, no logos etc
  • Black sandals with enclosed toes and heel strap (plain) are permitted in the summer but socks should be worn
  • Plain grey, black or white socks

Pullovers, cardigans, PE shirts and black tracksuits with the school logo are available to purchase from Penn UK in Benfleet.

School shoes should be appropriate for use in school, be practical and safe, waterproof and suitable for working and playing in. Shoes with high heels, ugg type boots, crocs and shoes which do not support a child’s feet are not acceptable for school as they may cause injury to the children whilst they are playing. School shoes should be plain black. No logos, extra colours etc.  Please also do not send your child in lace up shoes unless they can tie them themselves. In the summer children may wear sensible plain white or black sandals, but socks should be worn also. If a child’s shoes are not suitable for school and do not meet the uniform code then we will ask them to change into their plimsolls for indoor use.

Hair bands and hair ribbons should be in school colours of blue or yellow. Excessive hair decorations, nail varnish and tattoos are also not allowed. Any inappropriate hair decorations will be placed in the going home tray for safekeeping. Hair styles for both girls and boys should be simple and easily managed. Extremes of styles or colours are not permitted. The school requests that the children do not have their hair coloured or shaved in elaborate styles. In the interest of health and safety, long hair should be worn tied back.

Summer wear includes dresses in blue and white check or grey school shorts. Parents should note that Bermuda shorts; beachwear and football kits are not acceptable uniform.

Jewellery, apart from a watch and/or one pair of small stud earrings, is not to be worn. Children will not be allowed to participate in PE if earrings are worn. Health and safety regulations state that earrings must be removed for all sporting activities. Please remove your child’s earrings at home on PE days, and ensure that any ear piercing is carried out in the summer holidays only. Children with long hair should have this tied back on PE days and will not be allowed to participate if it is not tied back. This is for boys and girls!

PE kit.  Each child will need,

  • Black shorts, blue T-shirt (with school logo) and plimsolls.
  • Black tracksuit (with school logo)

 All items of clothing should be carefully labelled with the child’s name.

If your child is not wearing appropriate uniform you will be sent a reminder letter regarding this. In sending your child to our school, you are agreeing to the uniform code we have in place. Wearing a uniform shows we all belong to the same school, and sets out expectations for them for the future.


We place a high priority on excellent attendance as it is necessary for the children to learn effectively. Attendance patterns are monitored regularly and any child who has regular, frequent absences will be referred to the Attendance Officer who may visit parents at home. Before doing this we will write to the parents and ask them to come in and discuss the issues behind the absences with us. Regular attendance at school is vital to a child’s education and it is the parents’ legal responsibility to ensure their child attends school regularly and on time.

If your child is absent for any reason, please telephone us before 9am on the day of the absence to inform us of your child’s absence. We will need to know your child’s name, the name of your child’s teacher, who you are/ your relationship to the child, the reason for the absence and when you expect your child to return to school. Attendance regulations state that reasons for all absences must be notified to school. If a reason for absence is not provided, you will receive a letter requesting a reason. We also operate first day calling, and if you do not inform us of your child’s absence, then we will contact you to request a reason. However, please phone us and inform us first. We will consider each reason given and then make a decision about whether to authorise it or not.

If you know your child will be absent or late, for example because of a medical or dental appointment, please let us know in advance, either by telephoning the office or sending in a letter. Please also note that a medical or dental appointment does not always need a full day or half day’s absence. We expect children to be in school before and after medical appointments, however short that time may be. We have a slip to be stamped by dentists and doctors to show attendance at appointments. These can be collected from the office or printed from the website.

Please note also that children arriving at school after 9 a.m. are classed as being late and marked as such. Those arriving after 9.30 are classed as having an unauthorised absence for the entire morning, with the exception of those children who arrive late due to medical appointments. Please make every effort to ensure that your child arrives on time each day as arriving late means that children miss the start of the lessons and this affects their learning. Those arriving late regularly will be referred to the Attendance Officer.

Holidays in term time are no longer granted. We may consider absences from school in exceptional circumstances. This does not include the holidays being cheaper in term time, wishing to go with friends, family members paying for the holidays, birthday celebrations etc. Please collect a form from the office if you wish to apply for leave in term time or inform us of an absence. Fuller guidance is on the form and this can also be found on the school website. Parents who take their child on holiday in term time now face a fine of up to £60 per parent per child. This also includes step parents and parents who do not live with the child. These fines will be implemented for any child having an absence of 5 school days/10 consecutive sessions. (Please note each school day is made up of two sessions, morning and afternoon)


The Schools Council and Playpals

The school’s council has a chairperson, a treasurer and a secretary as well as two elected representatives from each class. They meet regularly to discuss issues raised in their class council meetings. The children have worked hard with this and many of their ideas have been implemented in school already, such as developing plans for improvements to attendance, fundraising events and use assemblies to explain their work, as well as picnic lunches in the summer. We always look forward to their next recommendations. The children are consulted on important issues and have an important role to play in school.

We also have ‘playground pals’ who are a group of elected Year Five and Six children trained to mediate in minor disputes and help children with developing their friendships by instigating and running games in the playground.


Parent Helpers

Parents are generally welcome to be voluntary helpers in the school although not within their own child’s class. You will be asked to complete an online Disclosure in school, issued by Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) for the protection of children. You will be asked to provide items such as a passport and a driving licence if you have them, birth and marriage certificates and two items which confirm your address. We may also ask for references if necessary. The safety and protection of our children is one of our main priorities. If helping regularly you will also be asked to complete a declaration relating to the adults living in your own home. If they have certain convictions you may also not be allowed to volunteer regularly in the school. Please ask the office for further information if required. This is called a Childcare (Disqualification) Regulations 2009 Declaration. We also have a safeguarding declaration form to sign which is used by the LA for safeguarding purposes.

Parents help with a range of activities, from reading to mathematics, design and technology. Many of our parent helpers continue to help us after their children have left the school. Sometimes we require assistance with specific projects, such as book week, sports events and outings. Please see Mrs Davenport or Mrs Allman if you would like to be a parent helper and help us if you are able to do so. It really is a rewarding experience and we really value the help and support given to us by our parents. All parent helpers have to sign and adhere to a confidentiality agreement which includes a section on social networking sites. Please note that being a parent helper does not mean you are automatically able to use our school for any placements, such as NVQ placements, which you may be studying for. If you wish to do this, then you must apply through the Deputy Headteacher as we have a strict limit on the number of placements we support each year.

Special Educational Needs

 Many children need a little extra support at certain times in their school life. Early identification of children with special needs is made by close consultation with parents from school entry and by the monitoring of individual pupils through the regular assessments and observations that take place in school.

The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) follows-up a teacher’s concern and works with the teacher to look at ways to help the child. It may be necessary to devise One Plans. These set achievable targets for the individual child linked specifically to their individual needs. It may also be appropriate to monitor the child’s progress for a set period of time to see how the child progresses.

The school has a policy for Special Educational Needs (SEN) and follows the Code of Practice. Parents are fully involved in all discussions about their child’s progress. Where appropriate, additional support may be given within the school or by reference to an external agency. Any referral to an outside agency is undertaken with parental consent. Sometimes the support for a child may involve a referral to an Educational Psychologist. Rarely this may lead to the longer-term support of an ‘Education, Health and Care Plan’ but this is only for a severe high level of need, usually where a child may need to attend a complex needs school in the future. This is a legal statement about the child’s educational provision, which is reviewed regularly. All children are encouraged and supported in order to reach their full potential and make good personal progress. We always ensure that pupils with special educational needs experience success in front of their peers. We firmly believe that all children have strengths and talents in different areas and work hard to ensure they experience success in whichever area they can.

We welcome all children into our school equally and seek to support them as appropriate. We welcome pupils with additional needs into our school. Any help and information from parents regarding disability issues is welcomed. The school policies and plans support all children within the school community and is committed to being an inclusive community. These arrangements are regularly reviewed to ensure that our facilities are constantly improved and meet the needs of our current and prospective pupils. Please do come in and discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Parents are welcome to discuss their concerns about their child’s progress, development or welfare with the class teacher, Headteacher or SENCO.



 Nursery children generally play in their own playground and are supervised by the Nursery staff. The playground is secure and there is no access from outside the school as the gates are locked whilst the children are in school. The children have access to a range of ride on toys and play equipment. There are usually three to four adults supervising the whole-school playtime. If medical attention is needed children are taken indoors to a staff member who is on First Aid duty.

 For morning break children may bring fresh or dried fruit or cheese or raw vegetables, which should be in a labelled container. This should be brought into the classroom on arrival at school and placed in the storage tray provided. However, we provide a piece of fruit or a vegetable daily, free of charge, for each child in EYFS and KS1, so each child has access to a snack every day.

 Mid-day supervisory assistants are on duty during lunchtime play sessions. They encourage the children to play together and to ensure that no one is left without a friend. In fine weather there is a variety of outdoor play equipment and games for the children to use. This includes skipping ropes; skittles, balls, stilts and a giant connect four. Children needing medical attention are taken indoors to an MDA who is on First Aid duty. In addition to this, each class has a weekly lunchtime sports session to improve levels of fitness and physical activity amongst our children, as well as promoting co-operation and increased social skills and team building.

School Meals

 Hot lunches are provided by TCS who provide a two-course lunch with a drink. Menus are sent home termly and children can choose which days they wish to have a hot lunch. All children in our school from Reception to Year Two are entitled to a daily hot meal free of charge in term time. All parents are required to fill in a form for this but this does not mean your child has to have school meals or have them every day. They can choose when they have them from the menu sent home and displayed on the website.

 If you receive income support or income based job seekers allowance or if you are receiving child tax credit but are not entitled to a working tax credit, e.g. your annual income has been assessed by the Inland Revenue at less than a given figure, (currently £16190); then you need to fill out all sections of the form. The school receives extra funding which it uses for additional support for the children, resources such as books to use at home, after school clubs etc. This is called ‘pupil premium funding’ and this year the children eligible for this have had boosters, reading books for home, activities and support provided. If you do not apply your child cannot access the activities or resources through school. If your child has a brother or sister who has free school meals you do need to fill all sections of the form in. If you do not receive benefits just fill in sections 1, 2 and 4 only. If you need any help with this, please let us know.

 Special meals are available on request for children on restricted diets. If your child has to follow a special diet for medical reasons, please see the Headteacher who will give you the details to contact TCS the catering providers.

 The mid-day supervisors are on hand to help the children at lunchtime, although we do encourage independence from the beginning. We often have special menus and ‘theme meals’ and visitors join us for lunch on occasions.

 Children bringing a packed lunch require a named sandwich box and a plastic container for cold drinks. No glass bottles, cans or fizzy drinks should be sent in. Hot drinks and pull-top cans of desserts are also not allowed because they could be dangerous. In accordance with our healthy eating policy children should not bring sweets or chocolate in their lunch box. It is helpful if spoons for yoghurts, puddings etc and straws for drinks, if required, could be sent in the child’s lunchbox. No products containing nuts or shellfish should be sent in with the children to eat as we have some children with severe allergies. We appreciate your co-operation with this, as this can be very dangerous to those children. It can affect some children if they smell it or come into contact with another child who has eaten it, and can be fatal.


 Our school assemblies are varied in style and are broadly Christian. The children learn about celebrations and hear stories about Christianity and from other faiths. Our values assemblies also link closely to the children’s social, moral, emotional and spiritual development.

 We have a range of assemblies, led by the teachers, visitors or sometimes the children. Visiting speakers from the local community, churches and charitable organisations lead our assemblies around once a week. Friday is our ‘celebration assembly’ led by the Headteacher and this gives the children the opportunity to congratulate everyone's success. If your child has achieved something special outside of school, such as a medal for sport or passed a dancing exam, please let us know and we will celebrate it in this assembly. If you send in a photo we can add it to our celebrations board.

 Parents wishing to withdraw their children from assemblies on religious grounds should see the Headteacher.


Breakfast and After School Club

We are pleased to offer both a Breakfast Club and After School Club for our children every day during term time.

Breakfast Club starts at 7.45 a.m. and costs £2.50 per day, or alternatively £10.00 per full week. There are a range of breakfast food options for the children to choose from. Places for the club can be reserved and paid for in advance, for the week, to the office by Friday midday. Places are also available by booking the day before but please call the office to check availability for these.

Our After School Club runs from 3.15 p.m. until 6.00p.m., Monday to Friday - term time only.

The cost for this is £5.00 per day or alternatively £20.00 per full week which again should be paid for in advance. This price per session includes a light snack and there are a range of activities for the children to participate in throughout the evening. Emergency places are available but please call the office to check availability for these.

 It is worth remembering that even if your child/children wish to attend an extra-curricular club they can still be booked a place for when it finishes.

 Parents/carers are required to collect their child/children from the after school club with access through the side gate.

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the office staff


Educational Visits and Charging for Activities

 Educational visits take place during the school year, and are linked to the curriculum the children are following. We ask for voluntary contributions towards the cost of school trips, as we are unable to fund them from the school budget. No pupil would be excluded from the visit if a contribution was not made, but each visit is subject to there being sufficient funds.

 For all visits a permission slip must be filled in. A limit of around £20 has been placed on the cost of most school trips from September 2017. The Friends of Lubbins Park Primary School pay amounts if funds permit and funded the pantomime visit in December 2016.

 In addition to this, children are taken on walks around the locality. Please ensure you sign the ‘local walks’ permission slip in the admission form, which will cover these visits. We plan our visits to offer a wide range of experiences for the children that help them with their learning as well as giving them opportunities to explore a range of different places and settings. We want the children’s learning to be as exciting and hands on as possible and visitors give us the opportunity to do this.

 We also have visitors into school, from circus acts to dance sessions, minibeasts to artists.

 All visits are carefully planned and each visit has a designated Group Leader and Deputy Group Leader. Risk assessments are carried out in advance of the visit. Helpers are generally DBS checked unless it is a visit where they will not be left alone with the children unsupervised and receive an information sheet prior to the visit. Strict guidelines are followed on adult: child supervision ratios, with one adult to five children in Reception and one adult to six children in Years One and Two. On all visits there will be one extra adult in addition to these ratios.

 Refunds will only be offered in exceptional circumstances, e.g. if a school visit is cancelled and the venue and transport provider make no charge. If a child is unable to attend a visit, and the school will not be charged for their admission to a site or place of visit, this element of the contribution may be refunded, in line with the amount charged by the school to the parent on each occasion. Transport charges will not be refunded.

 Charges will be made for the following:

(a) Individual tuition in playing a musical instrument to cover teacher costs only.

 (b) Outside school hours activities e.g. breakfast and after school club and externally run clubs.

(c) Examination entry for which pupils have not been prepared by the school.

(d) Library books which have been damaged or lost.

(e) Breakage or loss of school resources. In all these cases, parents will be notified by the Headteacher.


Organisation and Role of the Governing Body

The Governing Body of Lubbins Park Primary Academy School is made up of a team of dedicated individuals, including parents of pupils or of former pupils of the school. We also have Governors from the local community. We all serve as Governors on a purely voluntary basis, working with the children, staff and parents as a team.

The school is an Academy School and part of the Epsilon Star Multi Academy Trust. The Governing Body comprises a Director, the Executive Headteacher, Head of Academy, one staff, two Parent Governors and two Co-opted Governors. At the time of going to print, we have vacancies for one Co-opted Governor and one Parent Governor. For current vacancies, registered parents at the school will vote for proposed candidates for the role of Parent Governor. Parents will be notified of any vacancies as they arise and the procedures for appointing. Other Governors are chosen by the Governing Body from the local community, and appointed by the Directors of the Trust. They bring many skills to the school and to the Governing Body and their contribution is much appreciated.

 The full Governing Body usually meets once a term. The minutes of all Governors meetings and copies of all policy documents are readily available from the school office. If you would like to read/borrow a copy of any of the school policies or procedures please enquire at the school office.

 If you have any issues regarding the school that you would like to discuss with the Governors, please write to the Chair of Governors via the school office. We are confident that you will be happy with our school, but in the unlikely event of any complaint or concern about any aspect of the school, do not hesitate to come in and speak to the Headteacher. We aim to work together for the benefit of the children at all times. A copy of the school’s complaints procedure may be obtained from the office.

We all come into school at various times to see the school in action. Each Governor has a link subject role so that we are aware of the teaching and learning taking place in school and across the curriculum. Governors also take part in Educational Visits, school events and parents’ evenings.

 We work closely with the parents and staff to ensure that the teaching and learning at Lubbins Park Primary Academy School is of the highest quality.

If you would like further information about the Governing Body, I am sure that any Governor would be pleased to answer your questions, or alternatively please feel free to write to me. Please address any correspondence to the school.

Thank you for your interest and I do hope we shall be able to offer your child/children the very best education during their time with us at Lubbins Park Primary Academy School

With my best regards;

 Steve Woolf, Chair of Governors

 Our School Governors are:

Mr John Brandon Lead Governor for safeguarding and child protection

Mr Alex Cadogan Associate Governor

Mr Michael Thomas Executive Headteacher of Epsilon Star Multi Academy Trust, lead governor for Health and Safety and Pupil Premium Grant

Mr Brian Nash Director Epsilon Star Multi Academy Trust

Mrs Sam Murrell Staff Governor

Mr M Thomas Acting Head of Academy


Lubbins Friends Association

 Who are we?

 Parents, past parents, carers, grandparents and school staff who have a little spare time and lots of enthusiasm! Most of us work full time. We have regular LSFA meetings to organise and plan fundraising events. We also help at school functions.

What do we do?

LSFA and the school work in partnership encouraging home-school links. LSFA supports the school by raising extra funds. This money is used to subsidise educational visits, provide educational and play equipment, pay for activity days, music recitals and Christmas parties.

The children benefit greatly from all of these things and they could not be provided without financial help from LSFA.

We try to make fundraising events fun, social occasions. These include the summer inflatables afternoon and Christmas fayre.

To continue to provide a range of activities and equipment for the children we need your help and support. You can do this in a number of ways

  • Join the committee. It is fun and everyone is welcome. You will soon get to know people. Volunteer to help at our events. We welcome help from everybody to make our events a success. You do not have to be on the committee to help out. Requests for help will be sent out on newsletters throughout the year and all help is greatly appreciated.
  • Make a cake. We have fayres and other events and we are always grateful to receive a good cake to sell.
  • Turn up and support us. Even if you can’t join the committee or help out, come along to our events and join in

Please come along to one of our meetings, you are guaranteed a warm welcome. We are always looking for new members and new ideas, so please do join us! The school is always grateful for our support and we have raised money for many worthwhile causes in the school, such as the adventure playground, playground benches as well as gifts for the children at Christmas and when they leave the school.

A few hours of your time can help make all the difference – without you there is no committee so please do help if you can. You can contact the LSFA committee through the school office or any LSFA member.

We look forward to hearing from you!