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Mrs S Murrell

Lubbins Park Primary Academy

Welcome to the EYFS Curriculum.

Please click on the links below to see our curriculum schema for each term.

EYFS Statutory Framework

Statutory Framework for the EYFS 

Development Matters 

Non-statutory guidance for the EYFS

Curriculum Maps- Cycle A

Autumn Term Curriculum Map 

Spring Term Curriculum Map 

Summer Term Curriculum Map

Curriculum Maps- Cycle B

Autumn Term Curriculum Map Nursery

Autumn Term Curriculum Map Reception

Spring Term Curriculum Map  Nursery

Spring Term Curriculum Map Reception

Summer Term Curriculum Map Nursery

Summer Term Curriculum Map Reception 

English Pathways - Cycle B

EYFS Pathway

Weekly Overviews -Cycle B

Autumn Term 1 Nursery 

Autumn Term 1 Reception

Autumn Term 2 Nursery 

Autumn Term 2 Reception 

Spring Term 1 Nursery 

Spring Term 1 Reception

Spring Term 2 Nursery 

Spring Term 2 Reception 

Summer Term 1 Nursery 

Summer Term 1 Reception 

Summer Term 2 Nursery 

Summer Term 2 Reception

Subject Progression Documents 

Art Progression Overview

Art- Drawing and Painting

Computing Progression Overview

Computing- Transport

Computing- Colours

Computing- Houses

Computing- Dinosaurs

DT Progression Overview

DT- Transport

DT- Houses

Geography Progression Overview 

Geography - Colour