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Headteacher -

Mrs S Murrell

Lubbins Park Primary Academy

Pupil Expectations

Within each year group there are expected standards that children are required to meet by the end of the year. Our teachers plan lessons and learning that will enable the children to meet these. They also make regular assessments so that intervention and booster groups can be put into place for those children that will benefit from some extra teaching or for those children that could exceed them.

Please use the links below to access the expectations for your child in each subject.



Year One Maths

Year One Reading

Year One Writing


Year Two Maths

Year Two Reading

Year Two Writing


Year Three Maths

Year Three Reading

Year Three Writing


Year Four Maths

Year Four Reading

Year Four Writing


Year Five Maths

Year Five Reading

Year Five Writing


Year Six Maths

Year Six Reading

Year Six Writing