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Year 3


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We are so proud of how well all of the children are adapting to the new routines of Year 2.  They have been spotted by other adults around the school (including Mrs Murrell and Mrs Davenport) who have noticed how quiet and sensible they have been lining up and in assembly.  In fact they were so quiet earlier in the week that Mrs Cawcutt was worried the children had all gone missing! 


We started the week with a Hook Day in order to begin to answer our topic question: ‘What makes the world amazing?’  We began by exploring our outdoor environment using all of our senses and the children were given a passport and boarding pass and used these to board our (imaginary) aeroplane. 


Our first stop was Europe where we landed in Finland to see the Northern Lights.  The children learnt blending skills and used oil and soft pastels to create artwork.   Next we landed in Africa where the children learnt an African style dance.  They picked up the routine incredibly quickly and many of the children showed amazing rhythm to the music.  We know some of the children have already shown you the routine at home!  For our final stop, we landed in India, Asia.  We learnt about mehndi art and created our own mehndi inspired patterns. 

Week commencing 30.08.2021

It was so lovely to welcome all the children to Year 1 this week.  On Thursday the children all had a tour of the school to familiarise themselves with the toilets etc We have put in place a toilet monitor, to avoid the children getting lost between the classroom and the toilets.  We will continue to do this until the children feel comfortable.  

Over the past two days, the children have created some fantastic bookmarks that they will start to use next week when they are issued with a reading book.  Mrs Sullivan our class LSA sat with all the children one to one to recap and refresh their phonics knowledge – we both were SUPER impressed!  The children have also spent time working on letter formation and handwriting skills, in addition to recapping their Maths knowledge!

We are so proud of how well they have all coped with the transition in to Year 1, they are a wonderful class and together we will grow!

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs McMeekin & Mrs Sullivan.  

Week commencing 12.07.2021 

This week, Year 1 have really enjoyed their amazing activity week! The children took part in lots of fun activities and they all consistently showed our three star qualities; being ready, being respectful and being safe. On Monday, the children enjoyed learning about the Tokyo Olympics and hearing stories from staff who attended or volunteered at the 2012 London Olympics. On Tuesday, Year 1 and 2 ventured down to the beach and enjoyed making super sand sculptures, working as a team to dig the deepest hole and discovering beautiful shells. On Wednesday, the children showed off their athletic abilities  during our KS1 sports day and showed off their bravery, resilience and perseverance when trying the climbing wall. On Thursday, the children were very excited to try out all of the amazing inflatables on the school field, especially the slide! In the afternoon, the children also enjoyed taking space themed craft activities before exploring the portable planetarium which came to visit us.  On Friday, the children loved ‘catching a story’ with our special storyteller visitor and taking part in the Euros football tournament. It has been such a fantastic week and I hope the children all thoroughly enjoyed themselves, they truly deserved it! I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.


Week commencing 05.07.2021

Wow Year 1, what a super week we have had! In our maths lessons this week, the children have been exploring time and have worked hard to tell the time to the hour. The children had fun creating their own colourful clocks and moving the hands to show different times. In our RE lessons, we have been exploring Christian Bible stories and stories about miracles.  The children also discussed prayers and thought carefully about wishes they had for the world. I was so impressed with the thoughtful ideas the children came up with like wishing for everyone to have enough food around the world and for all animals to be treated  kindly. The children were also getting very creative on the Chromebooks this week by creating their own digital paintings inspired by their drawings from our art lesson last week. The children used their Joan Miro inspired symbols to create pictures of what Amelia Earhart might have seen on her last flight. It was great to see the children’s imaginative ideas like Amelia Earhart going to space or landing on a mountain! Super work everyone! Have a fantastic  weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday to start our amazing activity week!




Week commencing 28.06.2021 

What an amazingly creative week we have had in Year 1! During a busy week in Year 1, the children have all been working their socks off! This week, the children have been completing maths and reading clever clogs checks and all showed maturity and resilience when completing these tasks. They should all be very proud of themselves! On Wednesday, the children enjoyed their transition morning where they got to meet their new teachers. Mrs Cawcutt and Mrs Izatt were so impressed with all of the children and loved seeing the children’s creativity when making penguins as part of the first Year 2 topic. In our phonics sessions, the children have been working hard to consolidate their knowledge of trigraph sounds like ‘ure’ and ‘ire’. They have also worked exceptionally hard to keep their handwriting neat and tidy in these tasks too. In RE, we have been exploring special books and the children were able to design colourful and imaginative Bibles independently. Great work everyone! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I can not wait to see you all on Monday.



Week commencing 21.06.2021

What an amazingly creative week we have had in Year 1! This week, the children enjoyed expressing themselves in music with our focus topic; ‘Imagination’. In our lessons, the children listened to a range of songs and used their bodies to move or tap along to the beats. They also began to learn how to sing our focus song ‘Your Imagination’ and how to play along with the rhythm using glockenspiels. In Maths, the children have worked hard to count, compare and order numbers to 100 and I was so impressed with how independently the children worked to solve tricky problems. In writing, the children began to write their imaginative stories based on our class text ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy. I have been blown away by their amazing ideas and the unique characters they have included such as baby caterpillars and grandad hedgehogs! Well done to everyone for your fantastic resilience, perseverance and enthusiasm this week. Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday!




Week commencing 14.06.2021

This week in Year 1, we have enjoyed continuing to explore our new story ‘Whatever Next!’ by Jill Murphy. During our writing lessons, we have focussed on re-telling and sequencing the story. The children have created amazing story maps and have also begun to plan their own ‘Whatever Next!’ inspired story which they will be writing next week. I can not wait to read all of their amazing ideas! The children also enjoyed sharing the story of ‘Cedric the Seed’ and planting sunflower seeds  provided to the school by Morrisons. All of the class made such fantastic gardeners and we can not wait to see the beautiful sunflowers growing on the field soon. In art this week, we created our own special art dice to help us create patterns inspired by the artist Joan Miro. On each face of the dice, the children drew a different symbol that they had seen in a Miro painting. Well done to Year 1 for being such superstars again this week! Have a great weekend and I will see you all again next week.  



Week commencing 07.06.2021

What a great first week of our new half term Year 1! This week, the children have been working hard to create amazing pieces of writing. During our top copy sessions, the children focussed on perfecting their presentation and handwriting for their fabulous Amelia Earhart diaries. The children also enjoyed reading our new book for this term ‘Whatever Next’ and used their amazing imaginations to design and describe their own rockets for a trip to the moon. Everyone had such unique ideas for their rockets and the children included impressive vocabulary in their work like ‘powerful’ , ‘see-through’ and ‘ enormous’. In maths, the children have continued to explore quarters and have been practicing  drawing crosses with chalk and moving in quarter turns together on the playground.  Well done to you all for your amazing effort this week, I am so proud of you all! Have a great weekend and I will see you all again on Monday.



Week commencing 24.05.2021

This week, Year 1 have been using their amazing imaginations to plan and write a diary entry as though they were Amelia Earhart getting ready for her big adventure. The children worked hard to use their phonics skills to help them include interesting vocabulary in their writing like ‘navigator’, ‘conversation’ and even ‘exhausted’! The children have been enjoying the sunny weather this week, especially during PE where the children worked practiced their athletic skills in throwing games and running activities. Our super scientists used all of the things we have been learning about plants to create amazing digital diagrams to show and explain the different parts of plants. The children have worked their socks off this week and throughout this half term and I am so proud of them all!

I hope you all have a wonderful half term break and I look forward to seeing you all when we return to school.  





Week commencing 21.05.2021

This week in Year 1, the children have been working hard to complete clever clogs checks in maths and reading. The children all showed such great maturity and perseverance during these checks and I am so proud of them all. As super scientists, we explored trees around the school and used our knowledge of leaves to identify evergreen and deciduous trees. The children spent time this week to practice and improve their computer skills. As we have had a focus on healthy eating this week, the children worked together to create amazing digital posters of a healthy lunch.  The children also enjoyed taking part in the Royal Mail’s Hero Stamp Design competition. It was lovely to see the children design stamps with everyday heroes like nurses, carers, shopkeepers, postal workers and cleaners. They have all been so creative!

I hope you all have a super weekend I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.





Week commencing 10.05.2021

What a super week in Year 1! This week, the children have enjoyed working practically in maths to find halves and wholes as part f our new fractions topic. By using team work skills, the children were create fantastic maths posters all about halves with their partners. The children have been working extremely hard on their double page spreads all about Amelia Earhart in our writing lessons. It was lovely to see everyone using their creativity to produce these informative and eye-catching double page spreads! The children have also enjoyed getting outside and being mindful in nature as part of mental health week. The children enjoyed taking part in mindful nature drawing and creating our very own beautiful bug hotel. Our bug hotel even had a visit from a snail! Well done everyone!


Week commencing 03.05.2021

Although a short week, Year 1 have again been working hard in all areas of their learning. In maths, the children have been working to create doubles and use their number knowledge to group objects equally. In art, we have been looking at the magical realist paintings of Joan Miró. The children worked together to spot and describe the symbols, colours and patterns in his work including golden lakes and giant trees. The children also took great care and time to colour and write messages on postcards for residents in local care homes which were kindly provided to us by Morrisons. We hope the children’s lovely messages will help brighten up the recipients’ day! I hope everyone has a great weekend and I can’t wait to see you all on Monday!