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17.06.2022 Normandy

17.06.2022 - Normandy

We finished yesterday with a BBQ, a disco and a bed time story.

Today, we set off from the chateau on our way home but not before we enjoyed the beautiful sunshine in Honfleur and stopped for a McDonalds.

We've had a great time and can't wait to tell everyone back at home everything we have learnt.

See you tonight!


(We will send a ParentMail when we’ve reached the tunnel and another one when we have an ETA of when we will be back at school).










16.06.2022 - Normandy

The blog today is written by: Megan N, Pippa M and Seb

Today started off at the Arromanche 360 cinema. We loved that everywhere we looked, there were screens that showed us exactly what it was like. It was really quiet and you could really feel the sound effects such as the gun shots. It was very factual – we learnt all about the 5 Normandie beaches.

The American cemetery is a graveyard and memorial for all the soldiers that died during WW2. This place holds over 9 000 soldiers. As part of our school trip we visited this graveyard. These head stones in this graveyard are in the exact eyesight of America so those who lay there look at home. As we walked around, we took many photos next to people who sacrificed themselves for other companions in battle. As we looked around, we compared this graveyard to the photos took in the German cemetery, in this cemetery there were sections of people’s bodies who were never found. If you walk into the grave yard, it technically means you are on Americas land/soil. The reason why the head stones face America is so they are facing their home land. The story of WW2 is the German army invaded France in May 1940 remaining in power until 1944. Did you know that jeeps were invented for the American army in ww2 also the were named after Eugene the jeep from the Popeye cartoon?  In combat the were 5 women in combat and as a tradition Jews would have stars on top of the head stones. There also was an estimated of 5 000 soldiers MIA (missing in action).

Lastly, we visited the Omaha beach (which is where the unforgettable D-day happened). Over 1 000 soldiers died on the first day. In the water, we could see the last surviving tank’s which only one of thirty made it alive. Which estimates around two out of sixty soldiers would have made it.  We were also lucky enough to go swimming on the beach there, build some sandcastles and play some games on the sand. We then came back to the Chateau to have a BBQ for dinner and our final night disco.

15.06.2022 - Normandy

Today’s blog is brought to you by Naomi, Phoebe, Brooke, Fiona, Billy, Logan and Harry A:

This morning, after we had our breakfast, we climbed into the coach and headed straight to the market in Bayeux. As soon as the coach pulled up, we were put into our groups to be given our money (30 Euros). Everyone made a list of what their group would buy and we were sent into the market with our leaders. Because we had to get food for everyone, there was quite a lot to be bought. First of all, we went to buy baguettes; to feed everyone, we had to buy at least three sticks for each group. Next, we went off to the fruit stalls to get fruit for a fresh snack. Soon after, my group went to a small shop to get things to fill our baguettes. While we were there, we also decided to get some crisps and chocolate bars. Finally, after the great morning we had, we walked to the Bayeux cathedral to eat our lunch. We then enjoyed an ice cream in the sunshine.






Next, we went to the Bayeux tapestry. We got given a phone like device that you would hold to your ear. You could hear a man’s voice telling you all about the 70-metre tapestry. It was split up into 58 different columns. The man would tell you the number and explain what it was showing. We learnt lots of facts. Some of our favourites were, there were only three women in it. There is a theory that there was more of the tapestry but they cut it off. Harold (who’s brothers told him not to go) took of his head shield to show his brothers he was there but sadly got stabbed in the eye with a spear.

After this, we went to the Bayeux cathedral and headed to see some paintings and different sculptures about Christianity and Jesus. As we walked further we could see how amazing this place really was. On the windows we could see that they all had different stained pictures showing Christianity and different Christian stories. As we went further into the cathedral we explored a underground crypt with paintings and ancient sculptures. After we left this we went to a shop which we went to get some water from to stay hydrated.



And now we have travelled to the British cemetery thinking about all the people who have taken place in WW2. Tomorrow, we are going to remember what we saw today and compare the British, American and German cemeteries. We will compare the respect, space and layout ect.

We can’t wait to see what else we learn tomorrow.


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Well Year 5! What a fantastic first 2 days back. You have looked really smart and ready for learning. We had an exciting Hook day on Friday where you all worked really hard as detectives to solve the crime of who murdered the school gardener Mr Yorke. With teamwork and fantastic investigative skills you were able to reveal the murderer! I am looking forward to this year with you and all the amazing Topics we have in store! Welcome back!

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In year 5 this week, we learned about the ancient Egyptians including the way that they lived and all of the things that they invented including the calendar, paper and how to make bread! We used what we learned to plan out 5 episodes of our own TV show about the ancient Egyptians! In maths, we have mastered the ability to add and subtract decimals including crossing the whole! Well done everyone!