May Avenue, Canvey Island, Essex, SS8 7HF

For enquiries please contact –

01268 697181

Headteacher -

Mrs S Murrell

Lubbins Park Primary Academy


We are very pleased that you are thinking of choosing us as your child’s school, or that you have already chosen us. We want to make you feel welcome, to help your child to settle quickly and for the learning experience to be fun and exciting, as well as providing a firm basis for learning in the future, and we aim to do all of those things. We continue to work hard to provide the very best education and care for our children.

There is always so much to take in when looking at or starting a new school, so we hope you will keep this safe to remind you of things that happen in school. We hope this will help and support you during your child’s time with us, but please also look out for:

  • Weekly newsletters
  • The website that will have useful information for you to keep you up to date
  • Text messages from us with the latest news and information

If there is ever anything you would like to know, have a concern about or if you just want to mention something your child has enjoyed, please do let us know by phone or email. 

We look forward to sharing your child’s first steps or next steps in education with you and working together to make the experience enjoyable and memorable for all of you. We are committed to providing an excellent educational experience for all children in our school and working with you to ensure that happens.

We work with several other Canvey schools too, giving advice and support with their school development and any issues they may have. Our staff have been carefully selected for this role due to their talents and expertise. This keeps our staff up to date with current thinking and practice and allows us to share the things we do well with other schools.

Please look at and complete the OFSTED ‘Parent View’ website ( once your child is an established part of our school. We receive a great deal of positive feedback, but we would appreciate it being shared on this site. You can only complete the survey once a year. It is not a service for complaints, we would rather deal with any concerns you have in person, but we do hope if you have a positive experience you will take a few minutes to fill it in once your child is a pupil here. Also worth visiting is the OFSTED School Data Dashboard which shows you the performance of any school in the country in comparison with other schools, and their progress over the past 3 years. Both of these can be accessed by visiting

We look forward to working with you and your child in our school.

Mrs S Murrell 

Head of Academy