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Lubbins Park Primary Academy

Starting School

Starting school is a very exciting time for both you and your child, yet it can also make you both feel a little nervous because it’s a new experience for you both. At Lubbins Park Primary Academy we aim to make the make sure the children feel happy from their first day, and that they are confident in their surroundings and the people working with them.

Below are just a few things you can do at home to help prepare your child for the time ahead. Please talk to your child about school and be positive about the exciting time ahead.

Before your child starts school: 

  • Ensure they can dress and undress themselves and put their own coats on.  
  • Ensure they can manage their shoes and socks so they can be independent.
  • Encourage them to recognise their name; this will help with their self-registration activity every morning.
  • Ensure they can go to the toilet alone and know how to wash their hands.
  • Encourage them to use a knife and fork at meal times.
  • Encourage independence by giving them small responsibilities, like laying the table for meals, taking their own plates away after meals, tidying up or getting their own clothes out in the morning.
  • Share stories with your child daily to get them used to the language of books and also to develop their listening skills and concentration.
  • Take them to the library to choose and borrow books. 

When your child starts school:

We will: 

  • Make them feel welcome and help them settle in
  • Get to know them as individuals
  • Assess their abilities and provide for them appropriately
  • Ensure we are able to answer your questions and someone is always available to listen if you have a query or concern
  • Keep you informed about what is happening in school
  • Run sessions in school to give you ideas about how to help your child.

We would like you to:

  • Be positive about them starting school.
  • Tell them how exciting it will be and how you look forward to hearing about it when they come home.
  • Be excited about all they bring home, even if you do not know what it is!
  • Be aware that your child may be tired when they come home and may not wish to talk about their day
  • Support them in their learning
  • Tell us if there are any changes at home, problems or changes in circumstances that may affect your child in school

By working together and supporting your child and each other we can ensure your child receives the best start to their education and that they achieve their full potential.

What happens in the Reception Year?

The Reception year is the final phase of what is known as the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’. In Reception we will be building on the children’s Nursery and pre-school experiences.

We will cover the three prime areas of learning: 

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development 
  • Physical Development 
  • Communication and Language

And the following four specific areas of learning: 

  • Literacy 
  • Mathematics 
  • Understanding the World 
  • Expressive Arts and Design
  • The children will learn through a mixture of whole class, group and independent activities which will be planned according to their individual needs along with activities initiated by the children themselves.

Many of the activities that take place will be of a practical nature and will be play based. We will monitor the progress of each child to ensure that they have access to the learning activities which meet their needs.

REMEMBER – We are seeking to develop the ‘whole child’ and not just academic ability. We want children who are happy, confident individuals and who will try their best in all that they do, to be the best that they can be. We also want to ensure they can work well with others, and be kind and caring to the different needs of those around them, share with others and listen to and follow instructions carefully. The Reception Year will provide a firm foundation for lifelong learning.

We work hard to ensure both you and your child are happy and that they enjoy their time at our school.

Please find transition paperwork below:

New pupil permission form

Pupil Premium Registration Form

Data Collection sheet